The Brief

Allstate has been developing API’s that have the ability to connect roadside service providers to stranded motorists outside of the Allstate ecosystem. Prototype a solution that integrates the Allstate API’s into existing apps or platforms that people might use to request roadside assistance. Identify processes stranded motorists go through and flesh out what digital tools they are using to request help.
*Solutions cannot include any partnerships with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or Facebook

UX Process

  • Research: Interviewed drivers about various scenarios involving a call to a roadside service provider; e.g. running out of gas, keys getting locked in the car, flat tire, needing a tow. Emulated a ‘keys locked in car scenario’ and documented a users journey in getting a locksmith to their vehicle, how they used technology to do that, and what the overall experience was like.
  • Ideation: Mind-mapping to identify actionable pain-points in the roadside service journey.
  • Deliverables: Interactive prototype built with Invision.
  • My Role: Research, solution strategy, interactive prototype built in Invision.


Identifying a great solution for this design sprint was all about re-creating the proverbial ‘Oh Crap’ moment a person goes through when they’re in need of help with their vehicle. To come up with a creative solution, we wanted to make sure we thought of every situation or scenario possible and the emotions and reactions that follow those situations:

We found that most people utilize their cell phone to call a friend, family member or someone they trust – or utilize Google search, Facebook status update or Siri to reach out for road-side assistance when they need it. Knowing that solutions involving Google, Facebook and Apple were off limits, we had to dig deeper. Initially we were going to leverage Yelp and prototype a solution integrating the Allstate API’s – we realized that there would be very little incentive for Yelp to integrate the Allstate API’s into their platform and decided to focus on smaller apps such as Task Rabbit, Thumbtack and Handy. These are convenience apps that allow users to book services such as handymen, home cleaning, plumbing, electrical work and painting. People are already using these applications when they need a service done in a pinch, so we felt they could leverage to power of the Allstate API’s to expand their business and offer their users a better experience. We prototyped a solution for the mobile app Handy to include on call roadside assistance.