Plenti from American Express

The Brief

Plenti is a shopper rewards program launched by American Express in 2015. The complexity of the program and business rules surrounding partnerships have created an environment that is extremely confusing for end users and program engagement has suffered.

Redesign the IOS and Android Apps leveraging as many established design patterns from previous iterations as possible. Place emphasis on educating the user how the system works to help mitigate confusion, and implement ‘delighters’ that will help keep users engaged.

UX Process

  • Research: Worked with the customer insights team to determine target user demographics and develop a mental model for that demographic.
  • Ideation: Implementation of a dashboard to showcase points progress, contextual education popups and a robust About Plenti section.
  • Prototype: User flows were prototyped in Flinto and interaction transitions and animations were prototyped as .mp4 videos in Hype.
  • My Role: UX/Interaction Design