Uber Family

The Brief

Multi-user accounts for Uber riders //
We need to create family accounts for Uber riders and provide the ability for multiple people to bill to the same payment method. We also want to lower the minimum age to 14 and provide security features for parents and their children.


  • Research: Interviewed Uber drivers and parents of potential teen users.
  • Ideation: Developed a functional hypothesis on how to make Uber Family safe for parents, children and drivers.
  • Deliverables: Sketches followed by an interactive prototype built in Proto.io


Multi-User Accounts: Every Uber user is the Admin of their own account. We’ve created the ability for an Admin to add limited or unlimited users to their account for shared billing of the Admin payment method. Unlimited sub-users will have unrestricted access to Uber, while limited sub-users will only be allowed to travel to destinations programmed by the account Admin.

Adding a limited user

Uber FLow

Safety: Making anything inherently safe is a difficult task, there will always be extenuating outlier scenarios that can’t be overlooked when the safety of a person is being considered. Convincing people to become Uber family users was about creating the perception of safety; for example: floating seat cushions in airplanes will probably never save a life, but the fact that they’re there creates a perceived security for airline travelers that they’ll be safe if the plane lands in water. Following this school of thought, we felt that creating an environment of perceived safety for Uber Family users and drivers was best achieved by getting as many eyes inside the car as possible. Utilizing existing platforms and technology to keep costs to a minimum, we proposed an Uber partnership with Periscope where users could broadcast their rides to viewers around the world with the prevailing thought being a user that is being watched by anyone is safer than a user who is being watched by no one.

Periscope integration

Periscope Flow